Meet The Team


Sales Representative

Urooj is a highly talented professional who brings a unique skill-set to her clients through her breadth of experience as an entrepreneur. She has owned and successfully operated several diverse businesses over the last 25 years in Canada and abroad, including experience in the food franchising and financial sectors.

Starting her career in real estate several years ago, initially as an investor managing her own properties, she later became a licensed Realtor helping clients in the purchase and sale of properties as well as consulting around real estate investment and management.

Urooj's methodical approach, practicality and sound judgement in financial matters is augmented by a creative flare. With a keen eye for interior design and style, Urooj is able to expertly assess a property and offers her clients specific recommendations to maximise its potential and generate appeal for the greatest number of buyers. Her skill is not limited to sellers. When she represents a buyer, they find her ability to visualise a space as their own, and her suggestions on alternative uses for spaces very useful in their decision-making.

Throughout the buying, selling or leasing process, Urooj prides herself on developing strong relationships based on honest and straight-forward communication. Her most striking quality is her unwavering sincerity. When you work with Urooj, there can be no doubt that she is in your corner.

Urooj currently lives in Mississauga, but has lived and worked in various areas of the Greater Toronto Area and South-West Ontario during the last two decades, and has built a strong network of professionals to draw upon for the benefit of her clients.

Urooj has travelled the world extensively. She is a hard-working, devoted mom to two talented kids, both a foodie and an amazing cook, and a recently-converted lover of cats.


Sales Representative

Salman has an MBA, and over 25 years of professional experience in international and Canadian markets. Before moving to Canada, Salman worked with a prestigious multinational company where he acquired his expertise in marketing communications and management. He later leveraged this experience and founded a boutique advertising agency in Toronto, helping innumerable clients succeed in their marketing goals.

Salman is a strategic thinker who appreciates the unique strengths of the diverse and multicultural Canadian society. This has helped him build excellent relationships with a wide range of stakeholders in the community, and earned him respect and recognition within the Canadian professional business circles. He is a goal-oriented professional who strongly believes that success is only a state of mind. His clients benefit from his keen ability to build relationships, and carry out excellent negotiations to deliver the desired results.

In a real estate transaction, Salman's extensive marketing background allows him to explore different options for his clients, creating customised plans to market a property for the optimal price and quickest timelines. His clients find him to be an easy-going, sociable partner who works tirelessly for their best interest.

Salman, a loving father of two wonderful kids and one cute kitten, fills his free time by nurturing several exciting passions – like travelling, music, cinema and exploring diverse world cuisines.